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A.Skunk practice number one.

Tonight was the official beginning of a superb time for not only the world of music, but also the world of noise. Aggregate.Skunk, THE best band in the world, practiced together for the first time, to work on their self-proclaimed "best song since like...ever" which as you know is called "aggregation! of the nation!" The inaugural practice went well. Riffs were written, backgroundish layered guitar parts were perfected. The decision to keep the band bass guitar-less and also drum-less was made. For now, anyway. By the time the first arena rock tour is planned, the boys plan on acquiring a bassist and drummist somehow. For now, the lineup is as follows:

Words, screaming and singing: christopher m. obara
The guitar master: TimmyP
Boyish good looks plus guitaring: Justin

Stay tuned for more updates, more lyrics, and a possible house show very soon!

2004: Year of the (A.)Skunk!
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